Carbon block filter from cocconut shell with hollow fiber Proteas UF PRO 01 10”-0,1μm

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Proteas UF PRO 01 filters the water in four stages.

Firstly, the water flows through the first and second stage that are made of polypropylene 10μm and 5μm, so as to absord mud, rust, sand and dirt. Then, flows throught the third stage which is made of carbon block from cocconut shell 1μm and final flows throught the hollow fiber membrane (UF membrane) 0,1μm.

Except from chlorine, bad taste and odor, UF PRO removes microbes and microorganisms.

It is made in South Korea and has NSF certification.

Below, all stages are mentioning analytically.

  • 1st stage: Polypropylene 10μm
  • 2nd stage: Polypropylene 5μm

These two stages help and improve the function of carbon because they absord sediments and solid particles up to 5μm.

  • 3rd stage: Carbon block from cocconut shell 1μm

It is made of activated carbon block from cocconut shell, removes chlorine, reduces heavy metals and improves the taste and odor of the water.

  • 4th stage: Hollow fiber membrane (UF membrane)