Double water hardness test kit

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Double water hardness test kit
It consists of two bottles with hardness reagent and one dosometric bottle
It is available in Deutch (°d) either in French (°f) degrees (Deutch and French degrees are counting units of water hardness)
It’s function is very simple, just following the steps above:
• First we fill the dosometric bottle up to 5ml with the water sample that we want to test
• Then we drop in the water sample a drop of the reagent and mix it easily
• We continue to drop the reagent one drop each time until the color of the water turns green
• One drop of the reagent corresponds either to 1 Deutch or 1 French degree, depending on which unit the reagent is delivered
• As many drops we take from the reagent (until water becomes green) so many degrees of water hardness has the water sample