Portable instrument for measuring TDS, conductivity (ppm & μs) & temperature


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Portable instrument for measuring TDS, conductivity and water temperature
TDS means Total Dissolved Solids, as the conductivity meter measures the concentration of metals, cation or anion salts, and organic materials that are present in the water
More specifically it measures the positive or negatively charged particles and not directly the totally dissolved solids
It also measures the electrical conductivity EC (Electric Conductivity), namely how easily the electricity passes into the water
It is ideal for measuring water after reverse osmosis for domestic use but also for aquarium osmosis, softeners
It has a leather case, HOLD function for storing measurements and automatic stopping after 5 minutes without use for longer battery life
Below are some of the characteristics of the meter:
• LCD screen
• Conductivity: 0 – 9990 μs/cm
• TDS: 0 – 9990 ppm
• Operating temperature: 1 – 80 °C
• Accuracy: ± 2%

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