Quality & Enviromental Policy

The company BATOS IOANNIS P.C. with General Electronic Commercial Registry number:000126561806000, applies Quality and Enviromental Management System, in accordance with the International Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with field of application:

Water filter trade

The company’s strategy is based on:

  • in the control and assurance of all quality characteristics of the products and services we provide
  • in innovative solutions that are offered
  • in the implementation of the customer’s requirements and always in compliance with the law, as well as all safety rules according to the working enviroment
  • in collaboration with with highly qualified staff, with aim the best client satisfaction
  • in the commitment to provide all necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management according to ISO 9001:2015 and the Enviromental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015

By implementing our strategy we are committed to the following goals:

  • maintaining high customer satisfaction
  • absolutely controlled service conditions
  • conducting continuous audits of the results of services provided
  • course of sustainable development with the rational use of natural resources
  • complete implementation of enviromental legislation governing the operation of the company
  • establishment of enviromental programs, with the aim of improving the enviromental impact, considering the life of the products
  • continuous training of staff in terms of quality and enviromental management
  • risk analysis and opportunity exploration
  • meeting all the prescribed requirements of the standards
  • continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality and Enviromental Management System procedures, with defined objectives, so as to achieve the improvement of the company’s performance

To satisfy all the above, the company has installed and implements an EMS that is monitored and improved throught inspection, evaluation and review programs. It is designed to primarly aim to preventing non-conformities related to the company’s operation and scope of activities, in such a way as to provide maximum customer satisfaction. This current policy is the cornerstone of the products and services that are provided and for that reason the company’s manager has undertaken to instill this policy in all employees and partners of the company.